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QuickSet Rear Takedown Detent Modification Kit

$18.00 USD

The NextGenAR Quickset Rear Takedown Pin Detent Modification Kit allows you to modify your Lower Receiver so you can use a NextGenAR Set Screw to cap your Rear Takedown Detent Pin instead of having to rely on the castle nut & butt plate.  This is a great modification for a lower receiver, especially for AR Pistol setups!

The kit includes:

  • 1 X 5-40 Tap & Tap Tool
  • 1 X NextGenAR Hex Wrench
  • The more parts you buy the more you save
    • 1 screw, pin & spring pack = $1/each piece
    • 5 screw, pin & spring pack = $0.90/each piece
    • 10 screw, pin & spring pack = $0.80/each piece

Important info/Disclaimers:

  • This Mod kit is not suitable for Polymer Lowers
  • The process of performing a Rear Takedown Pin Detent Modification will slightly, but permanently alter and modify your lower receiver by implementing threads into the rear detent installation chamber so be absolutely certain you want to perform this modification and understand it should be performed by a capable individual as no returns or reimbursements will be provided if you damage your weapon and or are not happy with the end result.  Furthermore this modification may effect the manufacture's warranty so all modifications, assumption of risk, and or potential damage are the sole responsibility of the purchaser, user and installer.
  • The purchaser, user, and installer assume all risk associated with the use and modification of their weapon and agree NextGenAR and or any affiliates will not be liable for any potential injury, damage, or liabilities.
  • If the user decides to revert back to using the butt plate to secure the detent spring and detent pin this can be done by using a Mil-Spec. detent spring and following the traditional installation process.