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Scott Sports - Motorsport & Off Road Boots - 450 MX Boots (227569)

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Scott Sports - Motorsport & Off Road Boots - 450 MX Boots (227569)

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  • Scott 450 MX Boot Series
  • Top grain leather construction for maximum support and comfort
  • Anatomically designed upper to fit the shape of the lower leg
  • Low profile toe box design allows for easy shifting
  • Full leather heat shield provides additional protection
  • Over molded outer sole provides added durability
  • Full floating independent and adjustable straps
  • Reverse lower buckle protected from outside impact
  • Preorder Now items can be ordered now and will ship once they are available from the supplier.  (Expected delivery in approximately 1-2 weeks)

The Scott 450 boot, was designed in Italy and is built with top grain Leather, which offers maximum support and comfort right out of the box. The 450 boot offers a low profile toe box that allows for easy shifting and an over molded outer sole for long lasting durability. This boot has many of the high end features found in competitor's boots, but offered at an affordable price.
Scott Sports is a leading outdoor sporting goods manufacturer, which strives to produce high quality, functional, and fashion trending products.