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Lower Receiver Common Spare Parts Kits

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Lower Receiver - Lower Receiver Spare Parts Kits - Mil-Spec.

The Lower Receiver Spare Parts Kit is often times referred to as the "Oops kit" because you never know when and or what part you'll need.



    • Mil-Spec.
    • Compatibility:  Should fit most Mil-Spec. AR15 and AR10 Armalite rifle configurations, but refer to your manufacture for more specific compatibility information *Many of these spare parts will also work with AR10 DPMS configured rifles, but not all so please refer to your manufacturer
    • Common Calibers:  .223, 5.56, 300 Blackout, .308, and 7.62


    Kit Includes:

    • 1 X Bolt Catch Spring
    • 1 X Bolt Catch Roll Pin
    • 1 X Bolt Catch Plunger/Detent
    • 1 X Disconnect Spring
    • 1 X Magazine Catch Spring
    • 1 X Safety Selector Detent Pin
    • 1 X Safety Selector Detent Spring
    • 2 X Takedown and Pivot Detent Pins
    • 2 X Takedown and Pivot Detent Springs


    Important Information:

    • Domestic US orders only, No international sales allowed