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Rapid 2000-6000 Series Spinning Fishing Reel

$57.95 USD
Spool Capacity


  • Reel Type: Pre-Loading Spinning Wheel
  • Water Type: Saltwater/Freshwater
  • Ball Bearings: 10+1BB
  • Gear Ratio (2000H/3000H/4000H/5000/6000): 6.2:1/6.2:1/6.2:1/4.7:1/4.7:1
  • Max Drag (2000H/3000H/4000H/5000/6000): 8KG/8KG/10KG/13KG/15KG
  • Reel Weight(2000H/3000H/4000H/5000/6000): 247g/272g/287g/361g/391g
  • Braided Line Capacity(mm-M) RAPID 2000H: 0.25mm-250M 0.23mm-190M 0.25mm-160M
  • Braided Line Capacity(mm-M) RAPID 3000H: 0.25mm-250M 0.30mm-175M 0.35mm-130M
  • Braided Line Capacity(mm-M) RAPID 4000H: 0.25mm-320M 0.30mm-225M 0.35mm-165M
  • Braided Line Capacity(mm-M) RAPID 5000: 0.30mm-250M 0.40mm-190M 0.45mm-150M
  • Braided Line Capacity(mm-M) RAPID 6000: 0.30mm-325 M 0.40mm-250M 0.45mm-195M

Important shipping and handling info:

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  • Ships from the Asia
  • Please allow additional time for processing and delivery (Generally 2-4 weeks)
  • No Returns and or Exchanges allowed unless the item is confirmed to be defective upon arrival.  Defect claims must be made within 5 business days of delivery and if item/s are determined to be defective a store credit will be provided for the invoiced amount excluding any shipping and or handling fees